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Summer Program

MIT Launch Summer brings together high school students from all over the US and world each summer to MIT campus to become entrepreneurs in a 4-week program. This experience connects students to many of the best startup networks and leaders across campus for instruction and best practices, engraining them in the MIT culture of Mens et Manus - mind and hand.
Applications for summer 2017 will open in October 2016.


Through Launch Clubs, entrepreneurship clubs are being started at high schools around the world, with teams becoming entrepreneurs and starting real companies. The first years involved around 20 schools and 100 schools of participants. Finalists were invited to a mentorship and pitch competition at MIT in the spring of 2015. Launch Clubs has expanded to around 300 schools this year.

Online Course

LaunchX is a new online course aimed at guiding first-time entrepreneurs through the steps of starting a company, helping to overcome the hurdles to making that first step to launching something new. The first run of the course saw ~30k enrolled students, and the second run of the course is currently underway. Register for Launch X for FREE here.

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